Author Topic: So what is the plan overall for the next big US push into space?  (Read 11660 times)

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RedSky - 19/11/2005  8:22 AM

Well  Besides, there are a lot more immediate things to think about than interplanetary conquest.

But interplanetary conquest makes this so much more fun, and to that end, I say that we declare Jupiter to be an "enemy planet". That'll show'em who's boss.

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I don't expect anyone to recognize a Chinese claim to the entire Moon any more than European nations recognized Spain's claims to the Americas based on Columbus' first voyage.

My concern is someone getting the prime spots. Resources are not uniformly distributed here on Earth and there is no reason to think they will be on the Moon or on Mars. There will be some locations that are more valuable than others and I don't want to see the USA miss out on those because we are messing around in LEO.
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