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Employment opportunities at JSC
« on: 01/19/2007 02:33 pm »

I have two positions that I need to fill ASAP.  These would be working for one of the several contractors who support JSC's Engineering and Science contract.  The work will be performed at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.

1)  Design, test and integrate the electrical cable assembly for the ATLAS adapter - this is the APAS to LIDS docking adapter to be mounted on the ISS.

2)  Design, test and integrate the electrical cable assembly that connects the avionics boxes to the LIDS mechanical system.  (Way more complicated than it sounds.)


Must have:
US Citizen
Experience designing military or aerospace cables and connectors.

Nice to have:
Familiarity with ISS wiring specifications and requirements, especially electrical umbilical connectors.
Experience with EMI/RFI shielding and mitigation techniques.
Experience working with aerospace connector and cable manufacturers.

Any takers?

Leave me a note here or PM me.

Also, the group I work with will be ramping up for CEV and Constellation in the upcoming months.  If you're an EE, ME, drafter, project, materials or thermal guy you can send me your resume and I'll pass it on.

Thanks to Chris for letting me post this.