Author Topic: Live Satellite interviews: STS-117 Pilot Archambault  (Read 1877 times)

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I'm watching these interviews and it's interesting how he continues to talk about finishing the ISS, so that we can begin using it to study ways to effectively get back to the moon, and then onto mars.

1) Look out for the conspiracy revival if this language keeps up... "The sooner we finish it, the sooner we can start using it, to study the ways we are going to get to the moon, and then onto mars."  I realize from the other 15 or so interviews he's already done (they are broadcasting his feed as he does one after another) that he means we will be studying how to remain on the moon for longer periods of time and build habitats... but someone taking that literally, not realizing he's trying to answer the same questions over and over, will see it as PROOF we haven't been to the moon yet.  

2) He continually discusses the ISS as necessary for the development of ways to achieve manned missions to mars.  Agreed.  But if we're going to have a 4 year gap of no way to get someone up to it... doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?  Obviously these answers are scripted, or are based on his honest beliefs of the mission goals, and in either case they would really be contrary to the  scenario we are apparently headed for given the retirement of STS four years prior to the 'scheduled' first flight of CEV.

3) Observations about him, he's a Colonel airforce pilot and seems very cut and dry and to the point.  Kinda guy I'd like to have flying the brick if I was on it!  Every interview hello is followed by standard com responses and military lingo, yet he's very personable during the meat of the interviews...  Very personable, yet an amazing resume from F16 test pilot, to F117 combat pilot... Only thing that's wiggin me out about him is this odd thing he does with his eyebrows :)

4) Observation about the people interviewing them?  If it weren't for the prompts and cue cards they obviously JUST got handed before they interview him... these folks know NOTHING about ISS or the Shuttle's mission.