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Relativity Space & Terran Q&A
« on: 10/02/2023 05:13 am »
This thread is for questions about the company Relativity Space and their products including their Terran 1 and Terran R launch vehicles.

First question: do we know anything about Terran R's performance to orbits other than LEO and GTO? Other than the fact that they're launching an Impulse Space payload to Mars so they must have a positive capability to Mars at least in expendable mode.

Second question: Terran R has advertised performance of 23.5 tonnes to LEO and 5.5 tonnes to GTO, both with downrange recovery. The ratio of these is 23.5/5.5=4.27, which exceeds the ratio for Falcon ASDS (17.4/5.5=3.16) and New Glenn (45/13.6=3.31). Falcon and Terran R are pretty similar vehicles (two gas generator hydrocarbon stages) except Terran R has almost twice the first stage thrust so what makes Terran R so inefficient at GTO? Or is the explanation different definitions of GTO (e.g. 1500 m/s vs. 1800 m/s)?

Edit: I just sent Relativity Space a question about whether their GTO figure is 1500 m/s vs. 1800 m/s. Edit: no reply 5 months later.
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