Author Topic: NSF Live - Building Orion … What’s next? - 18 DEC 2022  (Read 1077 times)

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Today's NSF Live features Q&A with Barry Bohnsack of the Lockheed Martin Orion Spacecraft team, talking about building the vehicle that will soon take humans deep into space, its recent record-breaking orbit around the moon, and the innovative technology on board for the ride!

Today's show is hosted by Summer Ash and John Galloway, with a preshow by Elysia Segal of the Intrepid Museum.


Barry Bohnsack, Production Planner for Orion Spacecraft Thermal Protection System (Lockheed Martin)

Barry Bohnsack is the Production Planner for Lockheed Martin's Orion Spacecraft, the crew module that will return Astronauts to the Moon in NASA’s Artemis Program. Barry is on the Thermal Protection System team at the Kennedy Space Center where the Orion Crew Service Module (CSM) is assembled and tested. Barry also supports the Lockheed Martin Space State and Local Government Relations team, and is engaged in STEM education and outreach as a volunteer with the FIRST Robotics Competition. Barry received a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida (Space U), and was inducted to the Space Worker Hall of Fame in 2021 by the National Space Club.

Offline dgmckenzie

Why is it called Deep into space ?

When we go to Mars will that be Deep Deep into space and what after that ?


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