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Disclaimers:  I'm not smart about forums and topics, and I only spend about 1% of my waking hours on this forum, so I may be raising an issue/idea which has been discussed and dismissed long ago.  Nevertheless:

1.  How often does someone forget and make a "Discussion" comment in an "Updates" thread?  Then we have the inevitable trim and scolding...unpleasant for all, and somewhat bandwidth-sucking.

2.  If I see something in an Updates thread upon which I wish to comment, I've got to copy the post I want to quote, then figure out which is the appropriate discussion thread, then go there and post my whimsical comment, etc.  A little awkward, especially for the less-prolific user.

3.  What if each Updates thread had an automatically-generated Discussion thread, and the titles were identical except for "Updates" vs. "Discussion"?

4.  And, when I choose to Reply, what if there was a dialog which allowed me to choose whether it was really another Update, or just Discussion?  And, if Discussion, it automatically quoted the post to which I'm Replying, but over into the related Discussion thread?

I don't even know how feasible this is, technically.  But it seemed to me to have some merit.  So, here goes...

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