Author Topic: SPACEHAB Primed to Support NASA on Action-Packed STS-116 Mission  (Read 1751 times)

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Company’s Hardware Assets Key to ISS Assembly and Resupply Mission

Houston, Texas, December 4, 2006 – SPACEHAB, Incorporated (NASDAQ: SPAB), a leading provider of commercial space services, announced today that it has completed all preparations for supplying its comprehensive logistics and delivery service to NASA for the upcoming STS-116 mission. The Company’s Single Logistics Module and Integrated Cargo Carrier are two of the primary payloads on the crucial International Space Station assembly and resupply mission set to launch on Thursday.

“As NASA is acutely focused on this technically complex assembly mission, SPACEHAB is committed to alleviating a slice of the burden through the provision of our streamlined cargo delivery services,” said SPACEHAB President and CEO, Michael E. Kearney. “Having provided critical capabilities and assets that have enabled success on each of our 20 missions to date, SPACEHAB staunchly supports NASA’s goal of increasing its reliance on efficient and responsive commercial capabilities.”

When Discovery launches later this week, SPACEHAB’s pressurized Logistics Single Module (LSM) will be ferrying approximately 5,800 pounds of cargo and research payloads to the orbiting laboratory. In addition to enhancing the onboard working and living space environment for the crew, the LSM is loaded with crew provisions including food, extravehicular activity tools, and health equipment. The aluminum habitat has also been specially configured to fly five middeck locker equivalent bags in order to accommodate larger items, some needed onboard the ISS and others intended for return to Earth.

SPACEHAB’s Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC) is also tucked inside Discovery’s cargo bay. The ICC, provided in partnership with Astrium, is a modular unpressurized pallet designed to meet NASA’s need for an end-to-end service for the packing, integration, and transport of critical supplies and components to low earth orbit. For STS-116, the ICC was specially configured to carry a variety of payloads, ranging from Service Module Debris Panels that will protect that space station segment from micrometeorites in the future, to a Department of Defense payload set to eject three micro-satellites upon the shuttle’s undocking from the ISS.

“This week’s launch signals the start of an exciting 12-day mission that has been years in the making for many in our industry,” said Kearney. “SPACEHAB looks forward to a successful STS-116 mission as another triumph of technology and cooperation for the NASA team and its contractor community.”