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Support of NSF's Youtube Channel
« on: 05/10/2020 07:37 pm »
You can support the work that goes into our coverage on our youtube channel here:

This allows us to pay for everything from cool kit for Mary to use to data (lots of GBs) of livestreaming on special quad modem SOLO things I don't understand, but they are amazing, to production and so on. All goes back into the final product. Like L2 (which pays for NSF's servers and is separate) no one (or some parent company like a lot of sites have) is sat back taking a cut. All gets pumped back in to make us better at what we can provide.

You can chip in from 1.99 a month to become a member or higher if you're able which increases perks such as early short preview clips of videos we're yet to edit together, like from Boca Chica, to a special NSF Discord channel with our writers and L2 lifetime members.
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Re: Support of NSF's Youtube Channel
« Reply #1 on: 12/11/2020 08:41 am »
Congratulations to NSF on another major milestone!

The @NASASpaceflight YouTube channel just hit 200k subscribers! 🥳

And thanks to our fast-growing audience on the channel we can continue to push and push. Lots of plans in work with the mantra "quality *original* content is everything."

Quality definitely wins in the long-run and the live streams continue to get better and better. Thank:you!


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