Author Topic: Planned Demolition of the VAB Offices?  (Read 1405 times)

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Planned Demolition of the VAB Offices?
« on: 01/05/2020 08:53 am »
I stumbled across this solicitation from 2013 which describes KSC work contracts to be awarded. Among these items was the demolition of the old VAB offices on Tower E.

For whatever, reason, this does not appear to have occurred.

In this panorama from 2015 the offices on Tower E are clearly visible. They're also visible in this picture taken one year ago by a reddit user, which I have also attached to this post.

Does anyone know why the offices were retained? I don't think they can be returned to active use while SRB stacking continues to take place inside the VAB. Alternatively, was demolition deemed simply too costly to stomach?
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