Author Topic: China, in 2008 first outboard activity?  (Read 2141 times)

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China, in 2008 first outboard activity?
« on: 10/18/2006 09:04 am »
China, in 2008 first outboard activity?

October 18

Via CNSA (translated)

October 12th, the Chinese government announced "2006 Chinese space white paper", on following October 13th, the "Chinese crossing the ocean heaven business foundation 50th anniversary commemoration conference" was opened in Beijing, the ?brocade ? head sent the congratulatory telegram, warm heirloom prime ministers attended.

According to those, as for the Chinese space exploration 5 years, you put manned space exploration and the lunar surface inquiry on emphasis, the construction of GPS, furthermore plan also the development of the new model rocket. Especially, by "God boat 7" of the schedule which is launched to 2008 at the time of manned space exploration, first outboard activity is done, after that by it is the plan that "God boat 8" it docks for the first time.

2003 October 15th, China by "God boat 5" succeeded the same national first manned space flight, achieved the 3rd heroic deed which it comes after the Soviet Union and America even in the world. "God boat 6" was launched on 2005 October 12th, with this flight 2 astronauts embarked, 5 days to return, 76 lap did the earth from the launch, handled also various scientific experiments in the outer space.

The Soyuz manned space ship of Russia the model it does the God boat manned space ship, is constituted similarly from tracked module, return module and equipment module, but also individual remodelling is added. The solar panel from 2 to 4, the main engine increased to 4 bases, the tracked module which equips the especially solar panel was launched besides the fact that it can make the satellite which the circumference does the track that way, next, the "God boat" it has become the mechanism which can be docked.

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RE: China, in 2008 first outboard activity?
« Reply #1 on: 10/20/2006 06:50 am »
So you're saying God's boat has an outboard motor?
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