Author Topic: Commercial SAR Constellations  (Read 743 times)

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Commercial SAR Constellations
« on: 01/27/2019 12:41 am »
These things keep popping up.  In addition to ICEye and Capella, I've noticed:

Umbra: This one will be really interesting if they come anywhere close to their goals.  They are claiming a breakthrough in SAR performance (quarter meter resolution).
FCC permits for testing from aircraft:    0440-EX-ST-2017 2024-EX-ST-2018


R2Space 0011-EX-CN-2019

NovaSAR-1 (demo sat from SSTL/Airbus, funded by UK)
UrtheCast - OptiSAR
Ursa Space Systems - Analyze data from others
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Oxford Space Systems SAR
« Reply #1 on: 04/04/2019 04:00 am »
Oxford Space Systems released their new payload. Its pretty cool but it does not really fit into "new space" my back of the napkin says it will be 3x the cost of Capella or Iceye with the same performance. A little disappointing but cool design.


Oxford Space Systems SAR
Development of a novel X-band Cassegrain deployable antenna for microsatellite platforms
By, Dr. Yoshiro OGI and Mike Lawton

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Capella Space Lawsuit #2
« Reply #2 on: 04/05/2019 05:15 am »
I was really sad to hear about the M.M.A. Design LLC v. Capella Space Corporation lawsuit.

Capella is getting sued by MMA for allegedly stealing MMA's antenna. The lawsuit seems really nasty as far as I can tell. Excerpts from the "PLAINTIFF M.M.A. DESIGN LLC'S RESPONSE IN OPPOSITION TO DEFENDANT CAPELLA SPACE CORPORATION'S MOTION TO DISMISS CLAIMS 1-4 AND 6 OF THE COMPLAINT" below:

"At the direction of Harvey, MMA's CTO and chief technical engineer, MMA proceeded to develop confidential and proprietary flight system requirements for a deployable, high gain reflectarray antenna (or "DaHGR") for Capella ("the Requirements")....

Within weeks, Capella officially broke off its relationship with MMA and immediately hired Harvey to spearhead the exact projects he had been designing for Capella through MMA.... Together Harvey and Capella designed and built the deployable solutions for Capella...

(Harvey telling Payam Banazadeh: "We will need to recreate the IP that I did at MMA in the last few years. The good thing is I know the map now and was exploring before to get the objective."). Due to its use of MMA's trade secrets and proprietary information, Capella obtained a technically complex high gain deployable thin membrane reflectarray antenna far faster and at much lower cost than it otherwise could have done and was able to secure significant funding from external sources it otherwise could not have obtained."