Author Topic: Ariane 5 Price Cut  (Read 2651 times)

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Re: Ariane 5 Price Cut
« Reply #20 on: 01/25/2019 08:25 pm »
This isn't the A6 discussion thread.  There are already several.

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Re: Ariane 5 Price Cut
« Reply #21 on: 01/25/2019 09:33 pm »
AFAIK; SpX with Falcon 9 and their Starlink constellation speculation, as well as OneWeb have disrupted the space market. They caused uncertainty that has destroyed launch demand. Yay thanks for that!!!
TBD if they'll be successful. I'm sorry, but this makes me sad!

Its arguable that HTS contributed to this as well. When you have satellites that don't necessarily weigh more that do the work that 10+ satellites did previously, you can expect one possible outcome being the need for heavy lift to fall. Hopefully this will allow for a collapse of prices that drive greater demand long term. Anyways, if one Ariane 5 can do what 10 did before, that is a good thing.
With upcoming Commercial, Civil, and Military transition from HTS to Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS), with VHTS sats in the initial low production manufacturing and certification phase expect demand to further drop in the next-generation of orders. Furthermore the development of new technologies and hardware for VHTS's successor AEHTS/EHTS (Advanced Extreme High Throughput Satellites/Extreme High Throughput Satellites) is already underway and will usher in new digital phased arrays, compact waveform and other currently experimental or government tech.

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Re: Ariane 5 Price Cut
« Reply #22 on: 01/26/2019 04:24 am »
Please keep reusability out of this topic.
No, it is highly relevant.
Launch rate and demand is to low for that in Europe.
Unsupported assertion and conclusion.
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Re: Ariane 5 Price Cut
« Reply #23 on: 01/26/2019 06:36 pm »
La1è (avec AFP): En tête sur le secteur commercial, Arianespace attend un rebond du marché en 2019
Google translate
Leading the commercial sector, Arianespace expects market rebound in 2019
In total, the European company has made eleven launches in 2018, including four double, that is to say, carrying two satellites, which allowed it to maintain its leadership in this segment last year.
.... enabled Arianespace to achieve a stable figure of 1.4 billion euros in 2018....
According to Stéphane Israel, "in value, it is 70% commercial and 30% institutional", the opposite of that of its main competitor, the American SpaceX, which is 75% institutional and 25% commercial, according to the boss Arianespace.