Author Topic: EMISAT & 30 microsats - PSLV C45 - February 2019  (Read 376 times)

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EMISAT & 30 microsats - PSLV C45 - February 2019
« on: 01/11/2019 08:30 pm »
PSLV C45 should launch EMISAT and 30 piggyback satellites according to ISRO director during a press conference today
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Re: EMISAT & 30 microsats - PSLV C45 - February 2019
« Reply #1 on: 01/12/2019 09:43 am »
Now that the launch campaigns have been revised, and EMIsat will launch on PSLV C45 with 30 microsats...

HySIS is based on the SSB-2 microsatellite bus.  It launched on PSLV C43 with 30 microsats using a PSLV-CA.

EMIsat is also built on the SSB-2 s/c bus.

Will PSLV C45 also launch using a PSLV-CA?

I see that Gunter has listed the PSLV-CA as the LV version for PSLV C44.

Am I right to deduce that this is because the primary payload, EMIsat, is using the SSB-2 microsatellite bus?  And, even if there are secondary passengers, they would not overfill the PSLV-CA payload mass limits to a LEO?

(SARAL also used this satellite bus and was launched to a low polar orbit (SSO?), with secondary payloads.  SARAL massed only 346 kg.)

EDIT: cross-post/response re: similar question about the LV version for PSLV C43:
Exactly - the small mass of all payloads is a very strong hint, that the CA version will be used.
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