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VentureStar Crew Carrier
« on: 12/10/2018 03:42 am »
I was reading up on one of my favorite cancelled NASA projects, VentureStar and the X-33, and I found a reference to a crew carrier.

Does anyone have any more information about plans to put crew inside of the payload bay? I think it sounds insanely dangerous. Apparently it would hold four crew-members for a 5 day mission.

(Image from 6 of "ISS-VentureStar.pdf)

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Re: VentureStar Crew Carrier
« Reply #1 on: 12/17/2018 09:48 pm »
Not very familiar with this, but the first paper you linked does mention that it has to support crew abort. The 2003 Space Shuttle Crew Escape System report included several probably-relevant options, involving the crew being moved to a module in the payload bay (instead of the main cabin) and aborting either through ejection seats or a capsule. Either would have added significant mass (7000+ pounds), but in a vehicle designed from the beginning to support that it it might be more reasonable

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