Author Topic: The Hill Interview with Jim Bridenstine - Return to the Moon  (Read 1047 times)

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The video clip doesn't really mention anything specific about a manned Moon lander. Which don't seems to have a budgetary line as along as NASA is developing the SLS, Orion & LOP-G in parallel. The takeaway from the clip is that it will be a long time before someone step off a NASA Moon lander on the Moon with the current plan of record.

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The video clip doesn't really mention anything specific

The press conference didn't either.

I hear those things are awfully loud. It glides as softly as a cloud. What's it called? Monowhale!

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You should watch the full segment for context:

Just click on the 4th video.

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You should watch the full segment for context:

Just click on the 4th video.

Bridenstine states as fact we discovered hundreds of billions of tonnes of rocket fuel on the moon. While I think Spudis' estimates are exciting they shouldn't be regarded as indisputable truth. The LRO LEND data doesn't support Spudis' estimates.

The lunar poles are well worth checking out. But we shouldn't count our chickens before they're hatched.

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Bridenstine only says that the Gateway will be up and running in ten years with someoneís crewed lander (paid for somehow) departing the Gateway and landing on the surface of the Moon at some point in time after that.  Itís the journalists who take all of this uncertainty and somehow write that Bridenstine is stating that NASA will have a permanent presence on the surface of the Moon in ten years.  And then apparently NASA does nothing to correct the misreporting.

Compare this low level of accomplishment with what could happen if we were to have a full-scale (e.g. 5-7% of NASAís budget) public-private program to fund a human-scale (rateable) lunar lander such as XEUS/ACES for only about $200 M and in far less than 10 years.