Author Topic: "13 factors that saved Apollo 13" 2 Part TV  (Read 487 times)

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"13 factors that saved Apollo 13" 2 Part TV
« on: 10/14/2018 05:27 AM »
I just finished watching a 2 part TV show on the Discovery Channel called "13 Factors that Saved Apollo 13".

Pretty good watch, there are some nice recreations with modern graphic methods.  The show was dated 2015.

Here's a trailer.

It's on again at 1pm EDT Sunday Oct 14, 2018.

The entire human space program of the 50'-70's was amazing.  I remember a video showing all the infrastructure at KSC in 1965/66.  The person speaking said "non of this was here 5 years ago.  No VAB, no launch pads, no Crawler Transporters and certainly nothing for them to carry."