Author Topic: NGIS highlights advantages of their Air Force contract win with OmegA  (Read 1734 times)

Offline Chris Bergin - by Chris Gebhardt who visited their base and interviewed the officials face to face. Another article to come from it.

Offline GWH

Great article, looking forward to the follow up.

Omega's expendable solids might not be as sexy as reusable boosters or upper stages but diversity in the launch market is a good thing. Considering that the national launch market was a monoply only a few years ago, seeing all this competition now is great.
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competition is great...

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With all the tools NGIS have in their tool box, they should be able to field a strong proposal to provide and/or deliver modules and cargo to the Gateway station.

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For the rest of the world (besides Liberia and Myanmar). :-)
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I'm curious what the satcom operators think of this design. They sent a public letter to complain about using only solids for the first stage of Ariane 6 (before the design changed).