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I'm looking for someone to help create various sized (usually along a theme) banners that we will be adding to the site (news site/forum) to promote L2 and our eventual store on the news site/forum. Nothing hard for the majority of people to do, apart from me as I'm "MS Paint or bust", but would prefer someone who's good at these so it looks impressive on the site. ;D

I'm thinking a sexy Nathan render (he's agreed to use), with the site logo overlayed, a "Join L2 and support the site" overlay....something like that. Of course, as with anything other people are good at, you may have a better idea. Further "What it's for" when contacted.

PM me -;sa=send;u=3 - if you're game, especially if you have any samples of what you can do. Lifetime L2 reward for materials used.
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Re: Graphic Designer (Can make nice banners, etc.) Required
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Posted to FB for more publicity among my 1300 watchers
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I think the visibility of this section is a problem, based on the thread reads. Understandable, as this section is hardly a "go to" place on the forum for the majority of people. I'll thread mirror it into a few other more-active sections and use Twitter :)

Yep, a twitter link helped. :)

PS Logo added (forgot about that). Previews in black, but opens correctly.
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