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Musha jump drive
« on: 09/21/2018 07:09 pm »
Im curious if anyone could comment further on the feasibility of the concept. Quotes are from the research paper:

In normal physics, nothing can move faster than the speed of light, because Einstein's theory of relativity forbids it. However,
some physicists have proposed a model of faster-than-light (FTL) travel, formulated in the context of Lorentzian manifolds, which
are used in general relativity to construct space-time models, called a wormhole and an Alcubierre’s warp drive. Warp drive
works by distorting the fabric of the spacetime, contracting spacetime in front of the spaceship and expanding it behind to create a
warp continuum bubble between the two spacetime distortions in front of and behind the craft. However, it has been shown that
the total integrated energy density needed to maintain the warp metric is physically unattainable. In this article, the author
presents another possibility of a FTL travel method which applies the tunneling effect through the light barrier caused by the
manipulation of ZPF field surrounding the spaceship.

Possibility to manipulate ZPF field around the spaceship
If the wave energy emitted by a spaceship in the form of beam interacts with vacuum electromagnetic zero-point field (ZPF),
it perturbs ZPF and decreases zero-point radiation pressure, the zero-point radiation pressure in the rear vicinity of spaceship
acting upon spaceship. For decreasing ZPF energy, we can utilize negative energy radiation. There are two main approaches
to generate negative energy, which are the Casimir effect and the squeezed vacuum. The second way to obtain negative
energy is to squeeze quantum vacuum by ultrahigh intensity lasers. By reducing the energy below the zero-point fluctuation
of vacuum, the vacuum becomes squeezed, resulting in negative energy. Davis and Puthoff [12] proposed a method by use of
an ultrahigh intensity laser coupled with fast moving mirrors. By their method, negative energy can be generated by an array
of ultra-intensity lasers using an ultra-fast rotating mirror system to create the squeezed state of the electromagnetic field,
both pulses (positive and negative) are equal in time interval release. Rapidly rotating mirrors in this setup would serve the
purpose of separating the positive and negative energy, if the beams hit the mirror at a very shallow angle.

From FIG. 3. the radial frequency to plunge into FTL state for the spaceship with the mass of 100 tons can be estimated to be
about 104 Hz, then the spaceship can travel in a FTL state with a distance of
24 1.510
m from Eq. (19), which is beyond
the distance to the near-by galaxies. Thus, it is shown that tunneling FTL travel can be possible if negative energy can be
utilized which is also used for the construction of worm holes [16].

As the equivalent mass of which becomes 4.6 × 1024 kg, then it is required about a half of the Earth’s mass to transport a
small spaceship between galaxies. However,
is much lower value, we don’t need so much negative energy.
Thus, we suppose that there is some sort of quantum tunneling that might allow a subliminal particle to become a
superluminal particle, it is considered that we could tunnel through such a light barrier using quantum effect to attain
superluminal velocities for space travel.

The Possibility of FTL Space Travel by using the Quantum Tunneling Effect
through the Light Barrier

Musha Jump Drive Does a good job of simplifying the concept

Negative mass particles forged in new laser device

Thoughts, comments, input welcome.

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Re: Musha jump drive
« Reply #1 on: 09/22/2018 12:46 am »
Completely pseudoscience.

As stated, wormholes and Alcubierre drives are in GR, but forbidden, which is due to the fact that true negative energy that causes a negative curvature of space-time does not exist based on all observations. The Casimir effect does not produce true negative energy. It can be explained in terms of the van der Waals force, which is simply an electromagnetic force, plates that are close together are attracted to each other because that puts them in a lower energy configuration, same as 2 opposite charges being close together is a lower energy configuration. The mass of the plates themselves will always be much larger than the equivalent reduction in energy they experience.

The gibberish about high energy lasers, rotating mirrors and negative energy is not worth going into. Their citation is to someone who is some sort of crackpot or fraudster, known for running a terrible study demonstrating psychic powers which was later thoroughly disproven:

The specific paper you linked has all sorts of nonsense, such as claiming that something moving close to the speed of light could somehow "tunnel" to the other side of the light barrier, but this ignores the basis of relativity that states that all reference frames are equivalent, and therefore an object sitting on your desk could equivalently be considered to be moving at near the speed of light. There is no valid frame to measure velocity relative to, and their entire discussion is therefore nonsensical.

For added evidence that the authors are either completely incompetent or deliberately deceptive, they cite the "FTL neutrinos" from CERN from 2011. In 2012, results were published documenting the errors in that experiment, and showing consistency with the limit of the speed of light. The paper you cited is dated 2017, and the authors should have been aware of, or at least done a simple search to find the follow up results.
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