Author Topic: Books/websites on pratical management of space facilities and programs?  (Read 842 times)

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Triggered by the recent "leak" event on the ISS, I would like to learn more about the actual rules, practices and procedures used by US, Russian and European companies like Boeing, Northrop, Arianespace, SpaceX, Lockheed Martin, etc. and facilities like space centers, etc.

Something like:

how permission are granted for access to facilities,
how time is logged,
how checks (verification, commissioning) are performed
how items are entered and checked for works,
how the policy differs among different collaborating countries, manned and unmanned spacecrafts, commercial and military
how space and aviation differs in this aspect.

Something really practical. Any suggestion, possibly as an ebook or website? I want it for fun but also for work related reasons.

Found something online (including this website) but nothing really deep, complete and systematic.
And sorry if this section is not the most appropriate for this question.

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Please share the things you found already (modifying your first post is a good approach) as a reference to others. thanks!
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not very much. Just a few hints spread around several documents and website.

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