Author Topic: Reaction Wheel Assembly Failures - Solved?  (Read 713 times)

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Reaction Wheel Assembly Failures - Solved?
« on: 06/20/2018 05:09 AM »
RWA failures (Kepler, FUSE) discussed on an ancient (2013) thread that I couldn't reply to. Recently, cause traced to (correlated with) electrical discharge resulting from space weather (CME) ...

Ceramic bearings offer a possible fix. No info (that I've been able to find) on what the specific ceramic is, though.

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Re: Reaction Wheel Assembly Failures - Solved?
« Reply #1 on: 06/20/2018 05:15 AM »
I wouldn't say this was solved, it's just another hypothesis. albeit interesting.  From the second paper:

The scope of this paper is not to present scientifically proven models or conclusions, but only to open the
discussion of anomalous friction signatures to include the effects of electrical discharge...