Author Topic: EarthNow 24/7 full earth remote observation constellation  (Read 1377 times)

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Based on OneWeb satellite bus chassis, a 500 sat constellation for 24/7 full earth video surveillance at lower resolution, plus assorted higher resolution spot imagers. Bill Gates, Masayoshi Son, and Airbus are investors.

Notable as this is not a OneWeb secondary payload based constellation, and apparently they plan on using earth trained machine learning models (periodically?) uploaded to the sats to perform preprocessing onboard to reduce data download size. Which suggests they don't want to download full resolution imagery/video all the time.

The realtime claim is a bit fishy, and one wonders what the actual real tasking time is for the high rez spot imagers.

I guess Airbus is doing investment plus some bartering for equity in exchange for OneWeb bus manufacturing line access?
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To make this a proper Advanced Concepts thread, how severe is the design constraints for running machine learning models on imagery in-situ prior to downlink?

You depending on how things are done on the neural network/machine learning front, you will need a fairly substantial CPU/GPU setup with associated heat/power requirements. Being in space, high computational power rad hardened GPU's are not yet a thing. Would you go FPGA instead? How much redundancy?

In terms of bus basis, will they be actively exploiting inter-satellite links to transfer data?

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Why is this in the Advanced Concepts section? This is already being discussed in the OneWeb thread.

Edit/Lar:It has been moved to commercial. A more recent thread was merged with it.
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A satellite startup called EarthNow is laying out the details of its plan to blanket our planet with high-resolution, real-time, live-video coverage from a 500-satellite constellation in orbit, with support from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Europe’s Airbus, Japan’s SoftBank Group and other high-profile backers.

Their main customers will be Government and commercial.

There are some possible terrorist and crime fighting uses for this. I don't remember the article source but there was plans for military drone to provide continous high resolution video ( lot less than 1m) of small city. Assuming clear skies its possible to go back in time and trace all vehicle movements related to a terrorist event eg car bombing. Find where car came from and all other car and people movements too a from that address.  Trace those movements over days and you have list of possible terrorist addresses. They also had computer SW to do just this.

Apply same SW to EarthNow video footage to help with crime fighting and you can build a list of possible criminal addresses and associates. NB they are doing this now with shipping activitity using still photos from likes of Planet. Does open up whole can of worms regarding privacy.

With public video and similar free SW public could trace movements of anybody.

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Really a interesting constellation...

Scene like Minority Report are every day less sci-fi...

The Big Brother is coming...
The knowledge is power...
Everything is connected...

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Re: EarthNow Earth Observation Video Satellite Constellation
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I don't remember the article source but there was plans for military drone to provide continous high resolution video ( lot less than 1m) of small city.
From a manned rather than unmanned platform, but this has been in active use over US cities for several years. However, the view from 7/8km up vs. several hundred is significantly different, as is orbiting as a few tens of meters/s vs. whipping by at several thousand.

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Re: EarthNow 24/7 full earth remote observation constellation
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It seems that every employee tied to the company on LinkedIn is no longer affiliated.  I take it that these guys are no longer around and that this flamed out?

The shakeout for smallsat constellations begins  :-[

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