Author Topic: Suggest removing individual shuttles from top level into a sub-topic  (Read 1959 times)

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I suggest moving the individual Shuttles from the top level into a sub-topic.

Most of them get very little traffic - the last post in 3 of them was 5 months ago.  But since they are on the top level you need to scroll past them to get to more active topics such as space science.

I realize these have sentimental value, but that only goes so far.

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Or maybe create a second "historical spaceflight" section, but just for the space shuttle. "history of the shuttle program" have been found guilty by the elders of the forum of a (imaginary) vendetta against Saint Elon - BLAAASPHEMER !

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Let them there!

Online Chris Bergin

What you won't know is a lot of people still visit those threads to re-live missions and use as a major resource for Shuttle knowledge. We moved them way down the running order. If we were to make them into a historical section they would have to rise back up the listing to work in tandem with the other historical section.

Emotionally, we started as a Shuttle site and we'd never have lasted had it not been for our Shuttle coverage popularity.

I think they are fine as those four subtopics in one topic area and we'll look to give them some new life as we start hitting anniversaries of major missions.