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Jan 27th, 1967
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Today I learned that Jan 27th, 1967 was not just a famous day in history because of the Apollo 1 fire. It was also the day the Outer Space Treaty was signed by President Johnson. The signing ceremony was less than an hour before the Apollo 1 fire. I found an interesting video series documenting Johnson month-by-month. Here's the video for Jan, 1967. The beginning of the video talks about the early part of the month, including his State of the Union address, but the Outer Space Treaty and Apollo 1 fire coverage starts a little later:

I was wondering, how much opposition was there to the treaty? It seems that nothing can pass with true universal appeal, so I do wonder what the nay-sayers were saying about this. I have read that this treaty is considered by many people the truest example of the good things that can come out of such agreements, and I tend to agree.

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Re: Jan 27th, 1967
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it was the official end of the space race... everything after was just momentum.
Human spaceflight is basically just LARPing now.

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Re: Jan 27th, 1967
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I was wondering, how much opposition was there to the treaty?

The outer space treaty was essentially entirely noncontroversial at the time - as there was no real state interest in the bits where their might have been controversies, and non-state interest was essentially zero, as in 1967, commercial space meant billboards.