Author Topic: NASA, Boeing rewriting the book on building the SLS Core Stage  (Read 4891 times)

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Wasn't Shuttle 'Challenger' originally an STA?
Yup, originally STA-099 transformed into OV-099.  After her initial April 1983 flight, she was the workhorse of the fleet performing 85% of the mission load.

#1 STA-099 in 1979. Contract Award to Rockwell International, Space Transportation Systems Division for conversion from STA-099 to OV-099 in Jan 1979, work started immediately. Conversion was completed in July 1982 and she was shipped to KSC July 5 1982.
#2 OV-099 Challenger just 4 years later(August 25, 1983) being towed from the OPF to the VAB following STS-6 getting ready for STS-8.  Look at how new her RCS panels look, very similar to Enterprises today.