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Shuttle CRM
« on: 01/12/2018 08:47 pm »
I'm not starting this thread to make anyone look bad, but as a  profession pilot I'm always looking to learn, and curious how others types of flying/companies handle a multi-person environment. Over the years I've read bits and pieces about how CRM (Cockpit/Crew Resource Management) worked in the Shuttle program, both good and bad, but don't remember any specific posts.

I don't want names/missions, but is anyone here that was involved in the program interested in giving examples of good situations that contributed to the success of a mission, or bad situations that the program had to confront, overcome, and learn from? (I always like to play the STS-93 video for people as a perfect example of CRM at it's finest.)

PMs are fine if you do not feel comfortable posting in public, all replies will be kept confidential.

If anyone thinks I am trying to cause problems, etc, please note that Shuttle CRM is the subject of an entire chapter in this book  Link

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