Author Topic: Nixon OK's $5 Billion Space Shuttle Project - 50th Anniversary Archive  (Read 1013 times)

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I stumbled across the following 50th anniversary archive from The San Diego Union:

Nixon OKs $5 Billion Space Shuttle Project - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Not only is the headline about the Shuttle program being approved by Nixon, but there is also an article about the Apollo 16 mission, commanded by John Young (who just died), being delayed because of a undocking system issue.

Plus it's just fascinating to read all the news that they used to pack on the front page of a newspaper, with many of the topics being familiar even today. BTW, you'll need a screen with a high pixel density in order to read it, but the whole page is readable.

If we don't continuously lower the cost to access space, how are we ever going to afford to expand humanity out into space?