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Moon Village Association
« on: 12/26/2017 09:53 pm »
The Moon Village that ESA members previously spoke of appears to have gotten some steam.

The MVA's Lunar Economic section includes something that could be interpreted as the Association's charter and goal:
Lunar Economy and Finance

A collective of financiers, Space entrepreneurs and analysts with the objective to:

Design a viable aggregate business model for utilization of the Moon Village by international public and private partners
Facilitate discussions and cross-pollination of the Moon Village business model with institutional capital organizations around the world
Catalyze the creation of innovative financial infrastructure and investment vehicles in support of the MV development, sustainability thereof, and permanent expansion of Earth’s economy on the Moon and the rest of the Solar System.
Calls to action: Anyone interested in Lunar Economy & Finance, drop us a message via the contact form in this website

Especially in light of a new year upon on, I thought it worthwhile to make the Moon Village and its Association a thread of its own.  For the moment it is purely paperwork and conceptual, but the idea is apparently to make the Moon eventually accessible to the general public and not merely space agencies and governments.  That in itself is an aspiration we all have as enthusiasts, lunar and otherwise.
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