Author Topic: Blue Origins suborbital launch site, near Van Horn, TX  (Read 2730 times)

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I couldn't find a thread for this, but if I've missed it could a mod move this to the appropriate place.

Thought I'd look to see what we could see in terms of facilities here. So starting from:


I browsed around and there is surprisingly high resolution of the launch site and what looks to my untutored eye like a test stand.

There is other stuff scattered around but these seemed the most obvious

--- Tony
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Re: Blue Origins suborbital launch site, near Van Horn, TX
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There is one launch site and two test stands.
Terraserver sat images

launch site, still without the catwalk
31.422N -104.757W, September 2016

old small test stand
31.394N -104.775W, September 2016

new large test stand,
31.429N -104.720W, March 2017

Planet has much more up to date images, but their resolution is to low compared to terraserver.

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