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Soyuz-MS spacecraft simulator
« on: 12/01/2017 12:49 am »
The big question. I am creating the simulator of the Soyuz-MS spacecraft and the Russian segment of the International Space Station. I'm interested in the following information: is there any people on this forum who are selected in the Neptune-ME control panel software?
Большой вопрос. Я занимаюсь созданием тренажёра космического корабля Союз-МС и российского сегмента Международной космической станции. Меня интересует следующая информация: есть ли на этом форуме люди, рзбирающиеся в програмном обеспечении панели управления Нептун-МЭ? 8)
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Re: Soyuz-MS spacecraft simulator
« Reply #1 on: 01/01/2018 01:55 am »
It only covers up to the TMA variant, but is this page of any help?

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Re: Soyuz-MS spacecraft simulator
« Reply #2 on: 02/07/2018 12:19 am »
The Neptune-ME Нептун-МЭ panels have not changed since the first Soyuz-TMA. Both computer monitors ИнПУ became colorized with the TMA-M, but the content and layout did not change. The only exceptions are the data register type screens (seldom used).

As for the Russian segment controls, I recommend looking through high resolution image galleries. (An example - the docking station) There is no magic document that I have seen that details all these control panels beyond what Yuri Tyapchenko has published.

On the question of controlling these for simulation, finding board documention and instructions is likely as the goat eating the wolf.  А дело бывало -- и коза волка съедала.   :(

Interesting project. Did you search VK? There is a project that looks to take on your questions.

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Re: Soyuz-MS spacecraft simulator
« Reply #3 on: 11/26/2018 07:33 pm »
Go to L2 misha)
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