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Re: Fermi Paradox Solutions
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8. With the technology in their possession, they could easily monitor the entire rest of the galaxy for other emerging civilizations, via automated non-reproducing but durable probes in every planetary system in the galaxy, that each send periodic updates. This could probably be paid for by the equivalent of a minor Kickstarter campaign, given the size of their economy.
Would they send Berserkers to seek out life and pre-emptively destroy it before it can evolve into a threat? (That's assuming that they've solved how to ensure that their robot warriors never turn against them.)

I would guess that if there is only one Kardashev Type II civilization in a galaxy, there would be nothing to stop them from doing so.

If there are multiple Kardashev Type II civilizations in a galaxy, then I expect that such behavior would be regarded as antisocial at best, and there might very well be galaxy-wide prohibitions against using "Berserker" type devices to retard or eliminate development of other civilizations. And they would certainly have the power to enforce such prohibitions.