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UPDATE THREAD for Flight 4 of the Iridium NEXT missions.

Iridium NEXT launch has been targeted by SpaceX for December 22, 2017 at 5:26 p.m. PT on a Falcon 9 from SLC-4E at Vandenberg.  Landing of first stage on ASDS is expected.

   Flight 4 will launch into plane 2.  One of the satellites will then drift to plane 1.

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General information for Iridium flights 1-5 & 7-8
   Payload Mass: 8600kg for 10 satellites + 1000kg for dispenser = 9600kg
   Launch orbit: 625km, 86.66 degrees
   Operational orbit: 778km, 86.4 degrees

81 Satellites will be built for Iridium NEXT, with 66 being needed for a fully operational constellation.  All of the satellites will carry ADS-B aviation tracking hosted payloads for Aireon, and 60 of the satellites will carry AIS maritime tracking hosted payloads for exactEarth.

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SpaceX Opens Media Accreditation for Iridium-4 Mission

HAWTHORNE, Calif. Nov. 20, 2017. Media accreditation is now open for SpaceX's Iridium-4 mission from Space Launch Complex 4 East (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The launch is targeted for no earlier than December 22.

A flight-proven Falcon 9 rocket will deliver 10 satellites to low-Earth orbit (LEO) for Iridium, a global leader in mobile voice and data satellite communications.


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Another lovely video with Matt, some great shots from Iridium-3 and brief discussion of the history of reuse between Iridium and SpaceX.


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T minus 10 days to Iridium-4! All systems go at this point - encapsulating payloads now and rocket processing on track. Keeping an eye on CA fires, but so far not looking like a problem (but wishing them to end for Californians).