Author Topic: Lunar Basalt for Reinforced Concrete  (Read 1365 times)

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Lunar Basalt for Reinforced Concrete
« on: 10/07/2017 08:30 am »
Basalt is a newer material of choice for reinforcement of concrete:

Basalt-reinforced concrete, either as fiber-reinforcement or rebar, has the benefit of less electromagnetic interference compared to metal rebar.
And as we know, basalt is pretty common on the Moon, and large portions of the Lunar Mare are composed of basalt:

This then offers the prospect of ISRU by making use of lunar basalt for production of reinforced concrete on the Moon.

Could this kind of concrete become a primary mainstay building material for construction on the Moon?

AT 1/6 Earth G, would fiber-reinforced concrete be adequate for most uses, or should rebar be used instead?

What would be the most energy-efficient way to produce this kind of building material on the Moon?
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Re: Lunar Basalt for Reinforced Concrete
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Concrete on Earth uses water. Can water based concrete even be made on the Moon? It has to be poured in a vacuum and needs to survive temperatures from -150 to 120 C. This article on Wikipedia seems to say yes,
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Re: Lunar Basalt for Reinforced Concrete
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