Author Topic: Where will BFR be built?  (Read 158658 times)

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Re: Where will BFR be built?
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The more complex components like bulkheads, aero surfaces (wings) leg casings, maybe the nosecone, can still be produced in Hawthorne and transported to the assembly site for integration.

You are missing my point.  Like with the falcon 9 the tanks form an integral part of the rockets structure.  Because of that mounting hardware will have to be woven into the skin.  I don't see any other way of doing it that would not compromise the tanks integrity.

Just as the Octaweb and interstage are independent structures from the Falcon tankage, the BFR can have these external structures that are not part of the main tanks and body of the vehicle.  A polyweb will carry the engines, hold-down structure, and cradle load bearing components.  An interstage structure will carry the grid fins and avionics that live above the main tanks on the booster, along with the upper stage transfer plumbing and mating surfaces.  The spaceship will have a similar engine and plumbing section(heptaweb?), with all needed hardware for refueling, too.  The cargo/habitat sections will have to be integral with the tanks as you describe.  Within the cargo/habitat section, though, there will be many structures which can be built separately and integrated into the shell above the tanks.  And the engines themselves...
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Re: Where will BFR be built?
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I split the thread where I saw the first mention of the documentation for the new manufacturing facility in San Pedro.  New thread is: BFR Manufacturing Facility in San Pedro (Los Angeles)