Author Topic: Special Feature Article - The Evolution of the Big Falcon Rocket  (Read 18561 times)

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FWIW, Phillip's article is now used rather extensively as a source for some of the information in the comprehensive Wikipedia article on BFR.  Over a dozen times.
Re arguments from authority on NSF:  "no one is exempt from error, and errors of authority are usually the worst kind.  Taking your word for things without question is no different than a bracket design not being tested because the designer was an old hand."
"You would actually save yourself time and effort if you were to use evidence and logic to make your points instead of wrapping yourself in the royal mantle of authority.  The approach only works on sheep, not inquisitive, intelligent people."

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I'm not surprised, it's the best single source of publicly available information on BFR/BFS.

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Great article Phil & friends!
I'm delighted.
The only edit that pops to mind to perhaps capture for posterity in the evolution discussion is that Falcon XX is Roman numerals. That was when the 20 meter diameter was considered before "heavy versions" (tri-core) or on-orbit refuelling were serious considerations.
Thanks for the article!

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