Author Topic: Star Trek Spacecraft Warp Speed Comparisons and drag race  (Read 749 times)

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This is what I hoped the New Physics forum would be..... ;D

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Re: Star Trek Spacecraft Warp Speed Comparisons and drag race
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I started a thread in there which I often wondered would have been better suited here:

Any resolutions to FTL paradoxes?

The thread had nothing to do with arguing that FTL is real, just whether you can even describe what you mean without paradoxes. It has always bugged me when proponents do not seem curious about paradoxes.

Most of the thread is people explaining special relativity to people who can't imagine that there is a real issue. I kept out of that. :)

However, I was surprised and happy to find out that there is what I consider a "good enough for science fiction" way of describing FTL without paradoxes. I can once more watch star wars and star trek without cringing everytime Picard says "Engage!" or wondering why Luke doesn't just go back in time and save Alderaan or at least warn his earlier self about kissing his sister.

The trick in a nutshell is to disallow any voyage where the destination has a hotter (younger) CMB temperature than the origin. I think this is equivalent to defining the CMB rest frame as special. If anyone can spot flaws in that, or horrible loopholes you can still exploit, go at put them on that thread.