Author Topic: Falcon 2.0 Second Stage- mentioned in NASA Space Act Agreement  (Read 1755 times)

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Via Parabolicarc:

Annex No. 10 to SAA8-15117373 for Falcon 2.0 Stage 2 (S2) Modal Testing in GRC Space Power Facility (SPF)

The date given for the work was 01/27/17-01/27/18. So it seems SpaceX is at least working on a new second stage?

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The list also shows the Fairing 2.0 testing.  Both that and propulsion testing were mentioned in the article linked in this post:

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there's explanation on reddit that stage 2.0 is block 5 and fairing is totally new indeed...

direct link:

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The source document is a pdf list of all of NASA's active Space Act Agreements. There are 1,208 of them. Wow.
(also attached for posterity)

Only 31 of them are with SpaceX.
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