Author Topic: Glory and OCX failures may have been traced to supplier test falsification  (Read 2641 times)

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Story from the Oregonian After failed space flights, NASA investigation leads to Portland claims an aluminum supplier falsified material tests, which may have lead to the fairing failures...

EDIT:  Link was to wrong source, fixed.
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??? the link provided is for the BEPICOLOMBO TRAJECTORY OPTIONS TO MERCURY IN 2016 AND 2017,  nothing to do with the topic.

I found this:
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(My LIKE is for Lou and the journalism, not the chronic criminality of the Portland, OR operations of Anodizing, Inc. and Sapa Extrusions.)

I would encourage all of you to read the article.

Wow.  Just wow. :o
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Wow, gotta feel bad for Orbital, probably burned not once but twice by an unscrupulous supplier. IIRC, after the first failure, the aluminum frangible joint on the fairing was identified as a possible failure point, possibly due to improper heat treat, etc. So the aluminum joint was looked at. But apparently the faking of the materials certs wasn't discovered at that time. I doubt anyone suspected the supplier just plain lied. What a shame.