Author Topic: SpaceX Falcon 9 - CCAFS/KSC (Florida Space Coast) - Launch Viewing  (Read 649 times)

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Up to now, we've had had people ask for viewing locations for each CCAFS/KSC launch, but since a lot of the info is the same each time, we're going to start a general viewing thread for viewing of CCAFS/KSC launches.

Viewing locations for starters: Rocket Launch Viewing Guide for Cape Canaveral
If you are looking for VAFB launch viewing info please consult: SpaceX Falcon 9 - Vandenberg - Launch Viewing
If you are looking for Boca Chica, TX launch viewing info please consult: SpaceX Falcon 9 - Boca Chica, TX - Launch Viewing
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I had the chance to get out to the Saturn V viewing area for the CRS-13 launch and had a great time with the large screen showing the SPACEX stream and the expert live commentary at the site before the stream started.

Something the article linked above does not cover well is the trick to see  the full landing from the Saturn V viewing area.

Section "C" gave me a great view of the landing zone between the large buildings around the VAB and was not blocked out by the trees that block the view in that direction if you are in a different section of the bleachers.

I got very lucky with the early launch getting on the first bus out of the Visitors center at around 915  and picking the right spot to sit in the bleachers.

It was exciting to see the launch live for sure. The ~10 second delay in the stream meant that the sonic booms matched up perfectly with the first stage landing on the stream.