Author Topic: Time-Lapse Video of Shuttle Atlantis Undergoing Ferry Flight Preparations  (Read 1373 times)

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Time-Lapse Video of Shuttle Atlantis Undergoing Ferry Flight Preparations in Mate-Demate Device

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
Published on Jul 18, 2017

This 1-minute 45-second video taken in May and June of 2009 shows time-lapse footage of Space Shuttle Atlantis undergoing post-mission servicing and ferry flight preparations in NASA Dryden's (now Armstrong) Mate-DeMate Device after the conclusion of STS-125 to the Hu

Atlantisí astronauts repaired and upgraded the Hubble Space Telescope, conducting five spacewalks during their mission to extend the life of the orbiting observatory. They successfully installed two new instruments and repaired two others, bringing them back to life, replaced gyroscopes and batteries, and added new thermal insulation panels to protect the orbiting observatory. The result is six working, complementary science instruments with capabilities beyond what was available and an extended operational lifespan until at least 2014.

With the newly installed Wide Field Camera, Hubble will be able to observe in ultraviolet and infrared spectrums as well as visible light, peer deep into the cosmic frontier in search of the earliest star systems and study planets in the solar system. The telescopeís new Cosmic Origins Spectrograph will allow it to study the grand-scale structure of the universe, including the star-driven chemical evolution that produces carbon and the other elements necessary for life.

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