Author Topic: F9 Second Stage Reusability  (Read 205493 times)

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Re: F9 Second Stage Reusability
« Reply #920 on: 09/14/2018 06:50 AM »
With the announcement of the BFS with slight revisions for the circumlunar flight. Could you stick 3 to 5 Merlin SL engines to the F9 upper stage and use the external exhaust nozzle like on the revised BFS? At least as a prototype for the BFS.

"external exhaust nozzle"? Major BFS conjecture alert, here.

Raptor is a significantly higher performing engine (more like SSME than M1D), which may make losing the extended nozzle less of an issue than it would be for Merlin.

Besides, putting 3-5 merlins on a F9 upper stage... The single M-Vac already has to throttle down before burnout to reduce G-loads on payloads. Now imagine 4x more power. No.