Author Topic: Blue Origin working towards making the Cape its Orbital Launch Site  (Read 40437 times)

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Do they not know where the utilities are located and have them marked?

There shouldn't be anything critical to other facilities that close to a pad anyway.

Yes, and problems still happen, just like the real world too.  Installing infrastructure tie-ins can happen miles away from the main site.
Last year in NZ the 100km avgas pipeline to our largest airport burst in middle of nowhere. Dozens of flights were cancelled, planes that did land were carrying return fuel on board at significant cost to airlines. Turns out pipe had been damaged by digger years ago, just took a few years to burst.

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That's more like it.

Pretty sure that's at least a month old. The latest terraserver image (27th Feb) shows 3 tanks fully installed at the further set at the top left.

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A changing shade of Blue (Jeff Foust on The Space Review)
He added he expected more infrastructure, from electrical systems to commodities, at the Cape than they’ve found. “I’m going to be brutally honest: when we chose Florida, we thought infrastructure was a no-brainer,” he said. “We are investing way too much money in putting what I would call core systems—new substations, pipelines, trying to figure out where commodities are going to come from. That’s less money invested in the really hard work of developing new and innovative launch systems, figuring out [concepts of operations], how to launch and re-launch.”

The infrastructure is that you have essentially automatic approval to tie in at whatever size needed and can put in new substations or pipelines without 2 years of planning and approvals prior to breaking ground on them.  If they are finding themselves with less than they expected, that means they did poor planning (or there was poor internal communication to ensure that everyone involved knew the score).
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Good news for Space History fans. Turns out Hangar S at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is being leased by Blue Origin. It has been saved from demolition!

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Managed to get this screen-cap of LC-36 during the CRS-16 reentry right up until the booster started spinning (its like they knew!)
And this is a good reminder that just because one of your fellow space enthusiasts occasionally voices doubts about the SpaceX schedule announcements or is cautious about believing SpaceX has licked a problem before actually seeing proof that's true, it doesn't mean they hate SpaceX.

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Recent photo of LC-36. Don't mind the visitor in the background.

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Yeah, um, I think that’s a composite image made as a joke...
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Yeah, um, I think that’s a composite image made as a joke...
Ot SpaceX came up with a pretty elaborate ruse to get low altitude aerial photography of BOs plant...

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Or SpaceX came up with a pretty elaborate ruse to get low altitude aerial photography of BOs plant...

When all you've got is a hammer rocket, use a hammer rocket...?

I suppose that's one way to conduct industrial espionage -- who'd expect an aerospace company to spy on them from the sea...? ;-)

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