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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 5
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Semi-annual-ish manifest archive

Discussion of the manifest, and updates. The best guess at the current manifest is in this post. 

The first four posts in this thread are maintained
1 - Current manifest and some links
2 - Past launches
3 - Smoliarm's graphical manifest
4 - links

Discussion of the table format should be done here: SpaceX Manifest Table Format Discussion
Prior thread: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 4

      C=Cape Canaveral Spaceport (KSC/CCAFS) (UTC-4 EDT,UTC-5 EST)
            CCAFS SLC-40: Active for Falcon 9
            KSC LC-39A: Active for Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy, will need further work for Commercial Crew
      V=Vandenberg (UTC-7 PDT,UTC-8 PST)
            SLC-4E: Active for Falcon 9
      B=Boca Chica (UTC-5 CDT,UTC-6 CST)
            Site preparation work underway

U.S. daylight saving time starts second Sunday in March, ends first Sunday in November, time changes at 2:00 a.m. local time

       Local        LV  Core   Ret- .                             .    Mass   .     Mis-
Est. Date,  Time/UTC.   S/N    urn  Payload(s)                    Orb  (kg)   Site sion
------------------- --- ------ ---  ----------------------------  ---  -----  -----  ----
2018-01-31  1625/-5F91032.2XGovSat-1 (SES-16)GTO4230C-4049
2018-02-06  1545/-5HRNR*LSLFH Demo/Tesla RoadsterESC~1.2kC-39A(H1)
2018-02-22  0617/-8F91038.2XPAZ & Microsat 2a/2bSSO2.2k+V-4E50
2018-03-06  0033/-5F91044XHispasat 1F (30W-6)GTO6092C-4051
2018-03-30  0714/-7F91041.2XIridium NEXT (Flight 5)PLR9600V-4E52
2018-04-02  1630/-4F91039.2XCRS SpX-14LEO~10kC-4053
2018-04-18  1851/-4F91045.1SNASA (TESS)HEO325C-4054
2018-05-11  1614/-4F91046SBangabandhu-1GTO3.7kC-39A55
2018-05-22  1248/-7F91043.2XIridium NEXT 6/GRACE-FOPLR~6kV-4E56
2018-06-04  0045/-4F91040.2XSES-12GTO5384C-4057
2018-06-29  0542/-4F91045.2XCRS SpX-15LEO~10kC-4058
------------------- --- ------ ---  ----------------------------  ---  -----  ----- ----
2018-07-22  0150/-4F91047STelstar 19 VantageGTO>5400C-4059
2018-07-25  0439/-7F91048SIridium NEXT (Flight 7)PLR9600V-4E60
2018-08-02  0119/-4F9.SMerah Putih (Telkom 4)GTO>5400C-4061
2018-08-17 NETF9.STelstar 18 Vantage/Apstar-5CGTO>5400C-4062
2018-08-end NETF9.SEs'hail 2GTO~3kC-40.
2018-09F9.LSAOCOM 1ASSO3100V-4E.
2018F91051?CCtCap DM1LEO.C-39A.
2018-10F9NSIridium NEXT (Flight 8)PLR9600V-4E.
2018-10 (NET)F9N.USAF GPS III-1MEO3880C.
2018-10 (NET)F9..Spaceflight SSO-ASSO~3kV-4E.
2018-11F9R.RADARSAT ConstellationSSO~1.5kV-4E.
2018-11HNLSLSTP-2 (US Air Force)MEO~8k?C-39AH2
2018-11F9.LCRS SpX-16LEO~10kC.
2018 (NET)F9.?PSN VI (and co-passenger?)GTO5000C.
2018 (NET)F9..SARah 1SSO~2200V-4E.
2018-2019F9..CCiCap In-Flight Abort TestSUB.CN/A
2019-01H..Arabsat 6AGTO~6kC-39AH3
2019?F9..Spaceflight GTO (unconfirmed)GTO.C(70)
2019F9N.CCtCap DM2 (Crew)LEO.C-39A.
2019-03F9.LCRS SpX-17LEO~10kC.
2019-02F9N.USAF GPS III-2MEO3880C.
2019-05F9.LCRS SpX-18LEO~10kC.
2019F9..SAOCOM 1B and companionsSSO~3-4kV-4E.
2019F9..SARah 2/3SSO~3600V-4E .
2019F9..SiriusXM SXM-7GTO>5400C(80)
2019-10F9..CRS SpX-19LEO~10kC.
2019-12 (NET)F9..USAF GPS III-4MEO3880C(100)
2020-01F9..CRS SpX-20LEO~10kC.
2020F9..SiriusXM SXM-8GTO>5400C(80)
2020F9..Türksat 5AGTO3500C.
2020F9..CRS2 SpX-21LEO~10kC.
2020-11F9..Sentinel-6 (Jason-CS)LEO1440V-4E.
2020F9..CRS2 SpX-22LEO~10kC.
2020F9..Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter?550C(82)
2020F9..USAF GPS III-5MEO3880C(100)
2020F9..USAF GPS III-6MEO3880C(100)
2020-2021H..ViaSat 3-Americas or 3-EMEAGTO6400C(85)
2021F9..Türksat 5BGTO4500C.
2021F9R.WorldView Legion (flight 1)LEO...
2021F9R.WorldView Legion (flight 2)LEO...
2022 (NET)BFR..MarsTMI.?.
TBD (2019-2024)F9..Commercial Crew (6 flights)LEO.C-39A.
TBD (2021-2024)F9..CRS-2 (4+ flights)LEO.C.
Companies that appear to have contracts for unspecified payloads: Eutelsat, Inmarsat (x2?), Bigelow

Date: *=Local date differs from UTC date
Return: L=Land,S=Sea,X=Expendable,N/A=Not Applicable
Launch Vehicle: F9=Falcon 9, H=Falcon Heavy, F=Falcon 9 or Heavy
Core: *=FH core numbers in footnotes, N=New, R=Reused
Mission: Blue number indicates additional information in footnotes.
Colors: Successful / Unsuccessful / Mars!!!! / Footnotes / Mission failure may not be SpaceX's fault

(48) Zuma - Reportedly suffered payload separation failure, not confirmed by unknown customer
(H1) FH Demo - Serial Numbers:  Side1:1023.2  Center:1033  Side2: 1025.2
(70) Spaceflight Industries : Upcoming Spaceflight Ind. schedule update
(80) Sirius SXM-7, SXM-8 : SSL Contract Press Release / Gunter
(82) Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter : Post
(85) Viasat 3 : one of first two Viasat 3 birds in mid-2019 or early-2020.  Also third Viasat 3 if it gets built?
  ViaSatellite 2/10/16 SpaceNews 2/10/2016 Gunter
(100) GPS III - Three flights (one ordered and two options)

Possible future payloads:

Competitions for future payloads:
Air Force - EELV, Phase 1A Summary

L2 notes on manifest:

Upcoming Mars Launch Windows: 2020-06, 2022-08, 2024-09, 2026-11, 2029-01

SpaceX Mission Paperwork / Raul's Map
L2 SpaceX CRS External Cargo
L2 Level SpaceX Falcon 9 Stage Watch / Public Core Spotting
SpaceX Launch Log (past launches) / Wikipedia Falcon Launches
Viewing flights from Vandenberg / Ben Cooper's Viewing Guide for Cape Canaveral / Viewing Flights from KSC/CCAFS
Upcoming SpaceX Talks / General Industry Talks
SpaceX Falcon Mission Simulations
SpaceX Eastern Range Landing Facilities
NSF Manifest Threads: U.S. / Russian / Arianespace / Japanese / Chinese / Indian / Consolidated
Commercial Space Index Thread

Recent Edits:
June 30  Removed some of the speculative Spaceflight rideshares until we get more info they really exist.
June 29  Updated the next few East Coast launches based on Ben Cooper's site.
June 21  Adding AFSPC-52
May 16  SES-12 moved to NET May 31.  GPS III-01 moved to NET October.
May 9  Moved STP-2 to NET October
May 8  Iridium 7 moved to NET July 9.  PSN VI moved to 2019
Apr 18  Telstar 18V in July
Apr 15  Moved STP-2 a little later in the year
Apr 11  Changed Bangabandhu-1 from April 24 to May 4
Apr 9  Moved Iridium 6 to May 19Moved SAOCOM 1A to September
Apr 4  Changed CRS-15 to June 28.

All comments and updates are welcomed!  Thank you to all contributors!
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