Author Topic: SpaceX F9 : SES-10 with reuse of CRS-8 Booster SN/1021 : 2017-03-30 : UPDATES  (Read 289035 times)

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It is not hyperbole to say that there is a before and an after this day in the history of Humanity. After the Wright Brothers' third (and only proper) flight on December 17th 1903 their Wright flyer was turned over and crushed by a gust of wind, never to fly again. Only much later, at Huffman Prairie, did the Wrights start regularly taking off and landing and taking off again.

If the December 2015 SpaceX first stage landing was a Kitty Hawk moment of spaceflight, showing that recovery of a first stage was possible, then today is a Huffmann Prairie moment, where a dependable and reusable space launch system is first  proven feasible.

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Big congrats to everyone at SpaceX for working 15 years to finally make that happen today.
Congrats to SES, the range,
Congrats to everyone at NSF, SFN, Youtube and everyone else who helped cover this.

Bonus screenshots: Ever wondered what it looks like to stare up a rocket's nozzle at the moment of ignition? ;)

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Absolutely incredible! Congratulations to SpaceX, Susan, and all involved! Great job SFN keeping the site up! Just speechless!

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F9 has now flown twice as often as any other rocket this year- another first for SpaceX.
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Congratulations SpaceX!
Way to go 1021!
Another moment in history for 39A..

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Congratulations to all concerned on this historic launch and landing.

Third time around anyone.

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Amazing accomplishment.  Huge congratulations to SpaceX for pulling this off.  And thanks to SRS for being willing (and eager) to take the leap of faith.

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Congratulations to the awe-inspiring team at SpaceX, who work tirelessly to lift routine, aircraft-like spaceflight operations further up the scale of Clarke's Law of Revolutionary Ideas:

(1) "It's completely impossible don't waste my time";
(2) "It's possible, but it's not worth doing";
(3) "I said it was a good idea all along."
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This is one of those 'Do you remember what you were doing when this happened?' moments.

Gonna need a bigger hat for this hat tip!

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Congrats to SpaceX.  You can drop the Mic now Elon....
"Look at that! If anybody ever said, "you'll be sitting in a spacecraft naked with a 134-pound backpack on your knees charging it", I'd have said "Aw, get serious". - John Young - Apollo-16

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F9 has now flown twice as often as any other rocket this year- another first for SpaceX.

So has 1021
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Thanks to all the team at NSF for superb coverage.

Congrats to SES for having the stones. To the SpaceX teams for getting this done, and to Elon, (who looked a little rough around the edges) for persevering to realise his dream, and to all of humanity... the cost of access to space has been lowered.
"I think it would be great to be born on Earth and to die on Mars. Just hopefully not at the point of impact." -Elon Musk
"We're a little bit like the dog who caught the bus" - Musk after CRS-8 S1 successfully landed on ASDS OCISLY

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Excellent work SpaceX, keep it up!
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Congrats to SpaceX, Elon Musk and everyone that has ever worked for this to become reality, an worthy mention to SES for the awesome support and faith provided and not least, NSF and every space enthusiast.

And if in 15 years they revolutionized space launch beginning from scratch I have no doubt that a Mars colony in another 15 years is possible.

We are living in the true Space Age!

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My first congratulatory post--this launch was worth it!

I think if anything, the comments on today's achievement have been understated so far. While there are still many questions to answer about how rockets will continue to evolve, I hope this day will be one that's noted as a tipping point for attitudes and approaches towards access to space in the coming years.

Huge thanks to everyone at SpaceX for making it happen, as this could not have happened without years of dedication and effort. Huge thanks to Elon for forging ahead with an optimistic vision through much opposition in a sometimes dark world. And, huge thanks to everyone here at NSF for taking us lurkers along for the ride as we all watched and tried to figure out whether it could ever happen.

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Perfect    SpaceX        Beautiful Re-Flight & Landing...Congrats
You Only Live Twice

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The nearly impossible becomes "nominal." Congratulations! to all involved in this historic flight and recovery.

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Thank you SpaceX for this spacial moment in spaceflight history! In Elon We Trust! :D

Congrats to everyone involved. Kudos to SES for the nerves.

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Congratulations to SpaceX, SES & all the support folk everywhere who contributed to this historic event.  Congrats also to Chris and the NSF team for super coverage and great memories for the future. 

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With adrenaline rushes like that, who needs sport?!

Huge congratulations to SpaceX and Mr Musk, and massive thinks to those on this site for producing superb coverage.

We live in the future!