Author Topic: SpaceX F9 : SES-10 with reuse of CRS-8 Booster SN/1021 : 2017-03-30 : UPDATES  (Read 287762 times)

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I think it's safe to say they had a good day:

An elated @elonmusk and @SES_Satellites CTO Martin Halliwell at tonight's press event.

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Elon to ChrisGebhardt: "You really understand the details."

Keep up the great coverage put the traditional reporters to shame.
3-30-2017: The start of a great future
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Congratulations SpaceX! We all hoped this day would finally come, and now it is here. What an amazing time to be alive.
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Wow!  I've been a member here since 2005, and have watched SpaceX go from just another "powerpoint" company to a player that has rocked the world-wide space industry. 
Congratulations to them, their customers, KSC/CCAFS and everybody else!
Congratulations to Chris B., NSF and again, Chris G., for the great coverage!   

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Congrats to SpaceX on making history. Now we'll see what cheap access to space does for space business and exploration.

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Congratulations to the SpaceX team!

Carl Sagan ended "Pale Blue Dot" with the stunning line "Sailors on a becalmed sea, we sense the stirring of a breeze." That breeze first stirred on 21 December 2015. This second stirring means that the breeze is real and that it will become stronger and stronger. The occasion was truly historic, on a par with that first warp flight in Star Trek : First Contact in terms of its implications for the future of spaceflight, access to space and living on other worlds.

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Amazing that we all get to see this happening! Well done SpaceX! :-)

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Awesome launch by SpaceX. Absolutely feee nominal.

And great work here at NSF to cover it all, with a shout-out to the instant knowledgeable coverage of the post-launch briefing.

Elon's used flight-proven rocket store arrives on the scene.
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F9 has now flown twice as often as any other rocket this year- another first for SpaceX.

So has 1021

Oh, well played! :-)

So pleased that this went off without a hitch. It should have worked in theory, but "the difference between theory and practice is greater in practice than it is in theory".

Now, onwards to lower refurb times and becoming more and more routine.

Cheers, Martin

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Well done to SpaceX for proving that the dream is possible. Now the challenge is to do it again and again and again until those cost savings start appearing on balance sheets!
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Huge congratulations to the whole SpaceX team that made this launch and landing a reality! That was a great one to be watching live. Please keep up the great work you're all doing.

Btw. It gave me a small chuckle when the announcer on the technical webcast nearly lost his cool voice when he announced that Falcon had landed (sounded like a somewhat suppressed elated shout :) ).

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Huge congratulations to SpaceX and everyone who worked so hard to make this work. 

As an engineer in a different industry I've found it incredibly inspiring to watch the tenacity of the SpaceX engineers as they tried, failed, tried again, failed a little less, achieved that first landing which then ultimately lead to this point.  Many others would have given up long before now, but apparently the SpaceX team is made of sterner stuff.  Bravo, and here's to many more!

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Congratulations to the SpaceX team; to SES for taking a risk for the future, and to all those who had a part in this historic day.

But most of all, congratulations to Elon Musk. He said he was proud of the SpaceX team (and rightfully so), but it is his SpaceX team!

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It was half past midnight here in Austria when HISTORY was made.

Congratulation to Elon and the teams he das assembled over the years.

Still a long way to go to 24h turnaround but if ANYbody can make it, SpaceX can do it.

And we should be thankful that they have not to deal with the quarterly sh*t of a public company.

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50 years..........   of world changing  events ....

30 March 1967  The Beatles " Sergeant Pepper" album cover was photographed.

30 March 2017   SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage first reuse flight and fairing recovery .

Congratulations to ALL STAFF at SpaceX !

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Here's a notable addition to the list of congratulations:

Congratulations @SpaceX - impressive!

Edit to add:

Congratulations SpaceX. It's been nearly six years since we've seen the launch of a reused rocket. #spaceshuttle

Lots of congratulations from the industry, here's a selection:

Congrats to @SpaceX !  Great accomplishment.

There will be many milestones as we move forward in space, but today was potentially one of the big ones.  Congratulations to all on #SES10

Well, that was inspiring! Kudos to our friends at @SpaceX on an extremely impressive accomplishment.

Congratulations @GwynneShotwell @SpaceX

Incredibly proud of the SpaceX team for achieving this milestone in space! Next goal is reflight within 24 hours.

Huge congrats to @SpaceX on today's historic launch of re-used 1st stage & perfect landing...bringing down cost of access to space.

Today's SpaceX Success was another **NAIL IN THE COFFIN** of the traditional defense launch. Congrats @elonmusk, thank you for opening space

Congrats @SpaceX on a successful reusable rocket launch and landing #gamechanger
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Congrats to SpaceX on an historic flight!

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That. was. amazing !!!

If anyone had the capability and motive to do it, it was spaceX, and now, thanks to Musk, we enter a new era for spaceflight, nothing less than that !!!
I cannot wait to see RoombX in action and fairing recovery images !!!
And did I hear second stage reusability was on the table ?!?

You are spoiling us, Elon !!!

I am at a loss for words, right now !!!

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The odds of this happening just improved significantly:

Even if SpaceX doesn't do it, someone will. The Rubicon has been crossed.
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