Author Topic: SpaceX F9 : SES-10 with reuse of CRS-8 Booster SN/1021 : 2017-03-30 : UPDATES  (Read 287749 times)

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Thanks for a completely new lease and face on space!
Look forward to the future you have created!

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Congratulations to everyone involved with this historic mission. This was a fun launch to run a parody account for (Pad 39A).

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It's all over the news here:  :)

..including the oft-used line:  "Gwynne has promised us parts of the rocket," said SES Chief Technology Officer Martin Halliwell. "We want them for the SES board room."
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With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine - however, this is not necessarily a good idea. It is hard to be sure where they are
going to land, and it could be dangerous sitting under them as they fly overhead.

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Congrats SpaceX.  I watched it with my 8 year old daughter, and she said if it blew up on landing she was going to cry.  After it landed, she said if she was at Hawthorne, she would be screaming her head off.  The  realization that she knew what was at stake and how it would change the world makes me a proud dad.  'Merica.

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Flawless relaunch of a F9 booster. Picture perfect mission.

This amazing accomplishment leaves me with just one thought, the Daft Punk song:

One more time !
One more time !

One more time !
I gonna celebrate !
Oh yeah, all right
Don't stop the dancing !

A toast for this to become routine !
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Thanks, congratulations to Mr. E. Musk and his vision. Today was an historic first, and I am referring to the fairing recovery, I hope we will have more details soon. From the engineering point of view the second flight and landing on the barge were not really a surprise, as the SES person said. But the fairing recovery was what I have been hoping for years! What a dream become reality!

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Congratulations once again to SpaceX and to Elon Musk.  Fairing half recovery.  Seriously?  That man, Mr. Musk, what is one to say?  He leads. 

 - Ed Kyle

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Congratulations to Space X and all involved!

A truly epic day in spaceflight.

We now live in a world where expendable boosters are no longer the way forward or even acceptable.

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I'm with ed. There's nothing left to say. Historical first reflight.... Plus fairing recovery is crazy.  Wow.

Elon's ability to take risk and make it his (dog) is second to none.

Congrats SpX.  You've earned that place in the history books.
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What a day!  I've been celebrating tonight with grilled steaks and beer.  So I hope this congratulatory post makes sense to everyone here at NSF, because I think most of the people here are at least as enthused as I am about today's spectacular launch!

Almost 3 years ago, I first joined the NSF community to learn as much as I could about the crazy new commercial launch provider that was attempting to develop a RE-USABLE rocket, in an era of spaceflight stagnation.  I spent hours poring through the massive video restoration thread, watching as the landmark clip of a rocket stage firing its engines and deploying landing gear above the atlantic was painstakingly salvaged from an (almost!) hopelessly mangled mpeg file.

Today feels like the culmination of SpaceX's efforts.  Irrefutable proof that re-use is not only possible, but that it is THE next step forward for spaceflight. 

Even if SpaceX doesn't realize its ultimate goal of taking humanity to Mars, I think history will show that today's relaunch & landing is a watershed moment for space travel.  Every government agency and commercial space provider will now seriously invest in re-usable spaceflight systems, if they weren't convinced already.  Elon Musk was right when he said that this is necessary if we aspire to be multi-planetary as a species.

I am grateful to NSF for the continuous, dedicated, intelligent coverage of all things related to space exploration.  It is one of a few sites that I visit daily.  It is my antidote for depressing political news coverage.  It is a daily dose of optimism, much needed.

Congratulations to SpaceX for today's milestone - and succesfull fairing recovery as the cherry on top!

Congratulations and thank you to SES for taking a chance on a flight proven rocket!

Kudos to NASA, because they have been supportive of SpaceX's endeavors every step of the way - as Elon Musk acknowledges at every opportunity.  So cool that the launch happened at 39-A.  Hallowed ground indeed!

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YouTube mirror of Everyday Astronaut's recording of the post-mission press briefing:

That was the most amazing press conference I've ever seen. Way to go Chris G!

What a day...

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Congratulations to Elon Musk and everybody at SpaceX! Wow, glad to witness history. This is the stuff we will tell our kids about!

Launch & Land & Re-launch!
I cheer for both NASA and commercial space. For SLS, Orion, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, Dragon, Starliner, Cygnus and all the rest!
I was blessed to see the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour on STS-99. The launch was beyond amazing. My 8-year old mind was blown. I remember the noise and seeing the exhaust pour out of the shuttle as it lifted off. I remember staring and watching it soar while it was visible in the clear blue sky. It was one of the greatest moments of my life and I will never forget it.

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The future began today. Congratulations SpaceX and E. Musk.

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Congratulations SpaceX.  Thanks for continuing to push the envelope (and the industry).  That everything proceeded routinely and with no drama or fanfare (at least visible to us outside observers) is causing me a bit of cognitive dissonance, but is the greatest compliment I can think of.

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SpaceX:  Wow, one more milestone. You made it look easy!
NSF:  Thank you Chris B and Steve for the simulcast coverage with the livestream!  But Chris G you were the real stand out today throughout the launch, historical landing and that amazing presser.  Glad you were there!
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A watershed day in the history of spaceflight. And they snuck in fairing recovery to boot.  Musk is a real visionary.
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What a wonderful gift! 
Today's historic re-launch and re-landing made my millenium... though I'll be arguing for weeks against my tinfoil-hat brother about the camera blackout of the landing itself...  even a CGI artist apparently can be fooled into thinking that it's impossible to land a rocket like god and Heinlein intended!
Go SpaceX!

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Historic launch photos from SpaceX.

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Lots of congratulations from the industry, here's a selection:

Congrats to @SpaceX !  Great accomplishment.

There will be many milestones as we move forward in space, but today was potentially one of the big ones.  Congratulations to all on #SES10

Well, that was inspiring! Kudos to our friends at @SpaceX on an extremely impressive accomplishment.

Congratulations @GwynneShotwell @SpaceX

Incredibly proud of the SpaceX team for achieving this milestone in space! Next goal is reflight within 24 hours.

Huge congrats to @SpaceX on today's historic launch of re-used 1st stage & perfect landing...bringing down cost of access to space.

Today's SpaceX Success was another **NAIL IN THE COFFIN** of the traditional defense launch. Congrats @elonmusk, thank you for opening space

Congrats @SpaceX on a successful reusable rocket launch and landing #gamechanger

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How great is that?! Super mega congratulations to Spacex, NASA, and everyone involved. Big thank you to NSF Chris G Chris B and co. for covering this so well. Amazing history making moment, somebody finally managed to re-use a first stage and land it TWICE. How cool is that!

This is the start of a new era here is to hoping the development path continues to improve this stuff. No longer a theory, IT CAN BE DONE!!!
3-30-2017: The start of a great future
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