Author Topic: SpaceX F9 : SES-10 with reuse of CRS-8 Booster SN/1021 : 2017-03-30 : UPDATES  (Read 282472 times)

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Congratulations SpaceX! May you continue to succeed in all your endeavors!

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Amazing, simply amazing. Elon and SpaceX may be widely optimistic on dates at times, but they always deliver in the end.

Many, many congratulations. So pleased it landed successfully again too, the data from re-examining the booster will be invaluable.

Much kudos to SES for taking the calculated risk and wanting to push the industry forward. Thank you!

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Oh. My. God!!!!
Well done Spacex. Thanks to SES for their belief.
Welcome to the age of re-use  ;D ;D 8)
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Absolutely amazing, fantastic work by everyone involved in today's launch.  SpaceX made a big deal about this on stream, and I'm inclined to agree with them - this really does feel like quite the amazing leap.

If nothing else, this alone is a milestone in launch vehicle economics.  Even if SpaceX never makes refurbishment any faster than the 4 months they needed for this one, they're still better off than they were - that said, I think we've got a lot of improvement to anticipate.

To summarize my thoughts...
All aboard the HSF hype train!  Choo Choo!

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Well done Mr. Musk. Congratulations!
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Congrats to SpaceX and SES, thanks Steven Pietrobon and everyone
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 That was really awesome, congrats to Elon and everyone at SpaceX on a truly historic accomplishment. 

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Well done, again!

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Congratulations SpaceX!

Wow! I'm getting that 'finally things are moving forward' vibe (no offence to the accomplishments of Mr. Bezos and his team!). Shame it's only taken 25 years to feel it again  :'(

Onward and upward!

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Historic day. Expect other players to follow! :)

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This one deserves congratulations.  History has been made again!  Well done SpaceX, we're one step closer.

I loved Musk's statement at the end.  "A huge revolution in spaceflight, It's been 15 years, a long time, lot of difficult steps along the way, incredibly proud of the SpaceX team, a milestone.  Proving that something can be done that many people said was impossible"

Amen to that.

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Dragged my wife in to watch this one on the big screen.  Awesome!  Congrats to SpaceX, Elon and SES for vision and guts!

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Congrats SpaceX! You made my day and many other with this historic launch of a booster that had already flown and landed. Thank you for advancing mankind into the next era of spaceflight and exploration!

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Launch, Land, Repeat!
Truly amazing to finally see reuse being achieved for the very first time ever.
Congrats to all the amazing people behind this historic moment!! And keep up the amazing work you all are doing. Truly inspiring and captivating!
Thanks for being a force of inspiration and passion rather then pure greed and selfishness.
Go SpaceX!

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A lot of dreams riding on this launch and what an awesome ride!
Thank You SpaceX!

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Amazing to watch history being made! Perfect flight and landing. Congrats to everyone at SpaceX and others involved!

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Wow. Just wow. Even Elon was a bit emotional. Well done everyone on this historic day.

Thanks to Chris/Chris/Steven and everyone else.

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Hugely impressive feat.

Looking forward to 5 more this year!

Congrats to all involved today and in the last 15 years to get here.
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Congrats to SpaceX, SES and everyone involved with making this historic launch happen!

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Congratulations SpaceX, and thank you for continuing to work to hand the inner solar system over to our kids.