Were you born before December 11th, 1972 when Apollo 17 Lunar Module left the Moon's surface?

Yes, I was born before 12/11/72 (at 5:55 PM EST)
85 (69.1%)
No, I am younger than that
38 (30.9%)

Total Members Voted: 123

Voting closed: 01/26/2017 04:45 pm

Author Topic: Were you born before the last Apollo Astronauts left the Moon?  (Read 16094 times)

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Commander of Apollo 17, Gene Cernan just passed away.  He and Lunar Module Pilot, Harrison H. Schmitt were the last humans to set foot on the Moon until a return in the future. 
Why a poll?
Since demographics could be considered to affect poll results, I am wondering how many of us were alive and breathing air on the date (12/11/72) which Apollo 17 Lunar module lifted off from the surface. 

Now if you want to be picky, we can use 5:55 PM Eastern Standard Time (the published lift-off time of the Lunar Module) if you happen to have been born on that date. 

I for one, was alive and breathing.
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I was born one month and four days after Armstrong and Aldrin  landed on the moon. Which means I'm getting old and grumpy.

Offline PDZiemer

I am old enough to remember watching Apollo launches on TV as a young child, so yes, I was around. My parents are both scientists, so there was a lot of interest in the space program in our house.

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I was born before Sputnik... ;D
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Me too! 

Offline AlanF

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I watched Alan Shepherd's mercury launch on TV...

Online Stellvia

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I was born one month and four days after Armstrong and Aldrin  landed on the moon. Which means I'm getting old and grumpy.

Born two months after Armstrong's first step. Going grey, but trying not to be grumpy. Growing old is compulsory, growing up is not :D
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Offline rpapo

The first launch I remember seeing on TV was one of the Gemini missions.  I have no idea which one.  By the time Apollo rolled around, I was an avid follower of everything that was happening.  Ten year old boys can geek out really easy.
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I was born the year Sputnik was launched, so yeah....I followed ALL of the manned missions from Mercury to Apollo.  My dad set me in front of the small black and white TV and so I could watch history unfold.  :)

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Remember Sputnik, chimps in space, dog in space, Cuban Missile stand-off, bad day in Dallas, Mercury/Redstone, X planes, Mercury/Atlas, no such thing as cable, Gemini/Titan, no such thing as internet, Gemini/Titan not launching, Gemini almost killing crew in orbit, Apollo 1,...

oh, just an old guy. (Hence the 52 in the handle. Birth year.)

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I have followed every NASA launch since the late Gemini Missions when I was in elementary school. I remember in the mid-60's feeling like the planned Apollo Moon landings were impossibly far in the future! On a hot, sunny, Summer day in San Diego, I was camped out in our sweltering, non-air-conditioned living room in front of our new color TV, watching coverage of the Apollo 11 landing. For the last mission, Apollo 17, I was horrified when our neighborhood had a power outage, meaning I'd miss the historic night launch. Fortunately, my quick-thinking Dad, a surgeon, drove me into the hospital (which had auxiliary generators) and we watched on the TV in the doctor's lounge. It never occurred to me to think that nearly a half-century would go by and we'd never again go beyond low Earth orbit!

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Another pre-Sputnik club member.  Glenn's first flight got me hooked ....

Offline Bob Shaw

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Pre-Sputnik, too. In fact, as soon as the news of my birth hit Washington DC the US announced that they'd launch their first satellite during the IGY. Only reasonable, really!

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Pre-Sputnik, pre-Viking (rocket), and even pre-Aerobee.

Online FutureSpaceTourist

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I was born between Apollo 8 & 9. Regrettably I have no memory of Apollo from then. The space shuttle was the first spaceflight development to register with me.

But I've never been more interested in and excited about the future of spaceflight than I am now. So many positive developments and companies looking to expand our horizons.

Bring it on :D

Online Bubbinski

Born a couple of months before Apollo 14. First human space flight I watched live was STS-1.
I'll even excitedly look forward to "flags and footprints" and suborbital missions. Just fly...somewhere.

Online RonM

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I was born after Sputnik, but before Vostok 1.

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Born post Sputnik, pre Mercury. Remember seeing Gemini on TV (vaguely). Built my first LEGO set well before the first Apollo launch.
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I was born right in the thick of Mercury.  No real memory of Gemini, but I remember the Apollo flights very well. I pretty much grew up watching Walter and Wally on CBS. Never missed a televised moon walk - my mom, god bless her, always made sure that I was "staying home from school with a bad cold" on those days.

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I'm young enough that when I was about 13, I was all excited about this new Constellation Program that looked like a cool step forward past the ISS.

Seems like NASA's manned spaceflight has stalled a bit since then, but I'm optimistic about the overall outlook for the next 10-20 years in space.