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House on Mars
« on: 11/11/2016 03:08 am »
The Daily Mail has an article about a Mars concept house on display at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich until next Wednesday:

If anyone goes to see it, please post your pictures and your comments.

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Re: House on Mars
« Reply #1 on: 11/15/2016 04:06 am »
Based on photos on the linked page:

- The shell appears to be fairly primitive masonry, which for engineering purposes is commonly assumed to have zero tensile strength.
- While internal pressure might be countered by weight of a shell, the depicted shell is an order of magnitude too thin for that.
- Given that the outer masonry shell can't contain internal pressure by tensile strength or weight, and presuming the designers haven't goofed big time, I have to assume that the liner contains the pressure.  The masonry shell would serve as protection from dust storms and other mechanical threats, and provide some radiation shielding and insulation.

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Re: House on Mars
« Reply #2 on: 11/16/2016 02:03 pm »
If it's inner-pressure supported, then I'd expect that big window to be bowed outward.  Unless that's supposed to depict a cutaway and not an actual window.

The plants therein are all houseplants, not crops, and are receiving light levels that would be bad even for a houseplant, let alone a crop plant.  Even if they were crops and were brightly lit by a multi-kilowatt array, that's only enough area to get you an occasional snack.

Those stairs are a terrible waste of space and mass over a simple ladder.

I can't even guess what those "stability wings" are supposed to accomplish. Did he think they were buttresses?

No comments at all about how the basic dome is supposed to be transported / assembled.  No comments about how earthmoving is supposed to be done or about how the "microwave sintering" system is supposed to function.  It's supposed to have a basement - nothing about how it's supposed to be dug, leveled, compacted, sides shored up, etc. Or about how the foundation in general is supposed to work.

I'm seeing a lot of issues in general here.  I looked up the designer/builder... appears he's a science writer, but I can't find any info about whether he even has a degree in any scientific field.  He lists no actual scientific work in his resume.
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