Author Topic: Cygnus CRS OA-7 - April 2017 - Payloads & On-Orbit Discussion Thread  (Read 43201 times)

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There are 38 @NanoRacks cubesats (from various investigators) being carried on #Cygnus for deployment from #ISS
34 of these will be deployed from the Kibo airlock & 4 will be deployed from the @OrbitalATK #Cygnus after it departs #ISS
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Are the details of the rendezvous trajectories publicly available?

I'm looking for as much math detail as I can get.

(I hope this is the correct thread.)

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Cygnus is turning out to be a very useful spacecraft, being expendable has it's advantages some times.

NASA Saffire experiments are still on going, 4, 5 and 6 are in pipeline.

I don't think 6 will be end of it, they really need to fit Cygnus out with firefighting systems and set a larger section of it on fire to demonstrate a real event.
Cygnus should be able to provide all micro gravity information they need, will then need to repeat on moon for partial gravity.